Container Archi #01 /Container Circus

  • Planned site: Harbor district / (details undecided) March 2020
  • Architectural design using cargo containers
  • Client: TBD (Looking for possible clients)

We have made a new architectural design plan. This plan uses cargo containers in new ways. This is our first project idea.
This is not a project for a particular client but just a hypothetical project, meant to start a conversation.

Generally, the difference in scale between individual cargo containers and living or work spaces is apparent. This challenge, to create living and work spaces out of cargo containers, has been taken up by many architects up to this point.

In this project, I propose using 40F and 20F containers (F: feet).
The appearance of containers radiating from a cylindrical center building, creating a concentric structure looks exactly like a dock in a cargo warehouse. The containers, inserted into the cylindrical SRC frame structure are divided into 40F containers on the lower layer and 20F on the upper layer and each is supported by a cantilever (cantilever structure).

The imagined site is a harbor area with a cargo port.
The facility would conceivably be used as recreational site tied to the waterfront, reusing containers that have been used for many years.

In addition to this, depending on location, this plan could also be used for applications such as galleries, flea markets or food courts.

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