Cottage in a grove

  • Planned site: Undecided / May 2020-
  • Next Generation Architecture (Housing) Concept /
  • Client: TBD (Looking for possible clients)

This is a virtual plan for weekend housing derived from the”KMA Project”.

This one-story house that stands quietly in a forest has a simple structure with a metal folded-plate roof on a CLT frame structure.

The soil disturbed by construction is reused at the base and is framed by the oval and crushed stones are placed on top.

The metal folded-plate roof with the insulating material sandwiched in between has a steel frame to reinforce the base as a measure against the roof blowing up due to strong wind.

External openings are insulated by triple glass (three layers) and acrylic plate of 40 mm thickness.

Others follow the guidelines of the KMA Project.

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber):
A wood-based material made by arranging, laminating, and attaching them so that the fiber directions are perpendicular to each other.

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