TOKYO2020 Food Stall (Yatai) DESIGN PROJECT

  • Kyusyu Area / December 2019~
  • Designing of a portable food stall (Yatai)/
  • A local Kyushu government / A commerce and industry association in the Kyusyu Area

Purpose of the Plan

“Designing a new food stall as an icon to spread Japanese local food culture, taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the Tokyo Olympics in 2020”

Speaking of food stalls in Kyushu, Fukuoka City in Fukuoka Prefecture (Nakasu / Tenjin Yatai) is the most famous area, however it is not the case for this client.

This project was launched last year and it aims to open for business on the streets of Fukuoka by the end of this summer.

However, various legal hurdles (The Food Sanitation Act, The Fire Defence Law, The Road Act, and The Road Traffic Act) remain ahead to attain a new business license, and it seems still uncertain whether it will be feasible.

We at Product Design Team will start by putting laws and regulations to one side, and promote the study of prototypes by repeated designing and mockups while largely following relevant rules and regulations.





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