• Tosu City, Saga Prefecture / Completed in 2013
  • Store / Interior Renovation / Refurbishment / First Floor Rental of a Reinforced Concrete Building
  • Total Floor Area 107.15 m²

Florist shop opened in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture.

The upper floor is a rental apartment. The shop opened up on the first floor which is a rentable shop space

For this project, a space of about 100 square meters is the area to renovate. This includes the first floor shop space and two car parking lot. The shop space was formerly a beauty salon.

Because 100 square meters is slightly too large for a florist shop and in order to keep costs as low as possible, the whole site is divided into two spaces: a “selling space” and a “backyard space”. Then we decided to put money into the “selling space” as much as possible.

The existing wall finish was removed from the “backyard space” and the reinforced concrete frame (the skeleton) was left exposed, keeping it a simple space with a large refrigerator and work sink.

In the “selling space” we used only one type of building material (basswood plywood) in addition to the skeleton, and we installed fixtures and configured the interior.

Jazz is always flowing in the shop where the entire space is unified as one,
like a vase and its saucer, creating a pleasant atmosphere.





all day 9:00 - 17:00