• Reihoku Town, Amakusa County, Kumamoto Prefecture / Completed in 1999
  • Public Restroom / Reinforced Concrete and Wood Structure / One-Story Building
  • Total Floor Area 65.22 m²

This public restroom was built after winning the Kumamoto Artpolis design competition.
*Because I was still in college when I won this competition, the execution design and on-site supervision were completed in collaboration with A.I.R (Design Office / Kumamoto City).

The site is located in Unzen Amakusa National Park, in the Tomioka Peninsula and Shikisaki Cape, protruding into the blue sea. If you stand with the building to your back, you can enjoy the harmony between the beautiful park and the surrounding landscape in a blessed natural environment.

The building was designed as a restroom in a national park, aiming for a spacious area where comfortable winds can blow through while harmonizing with the surrounding landscape and ensuring privacy.

A single reinforced concrete wall forms it axis, and beams of solid cedar, 5.4 meters long, from Kumamoto prefecture are dynamically bridged along the roof (as if skewered along the concrete axis), creating a space with no posts or outer walls like “Yajirobe (a Japanese balancing toy)”. All toilet stalls and blindfold louvers are made of cedar and are supported by reinforced concrete walls. (Kenshi MATSUMOTO)




all day 9:00 - 17:00