• Yamaguchi Prefecture / Completed in 2017
  • Store Combined Building (Store: Beauty Salon & Café) / Wood Frame Conventional Construction Method / New Construction / Two-Story Building
  • Total Floor Area 165.19 m²
  • One Married Couple

A mixed-use house with beauty salon, cafe, and Web design office

The clients for this project are a design group who are active locally, and this project across the Kanmon Strait was achieved by their passion for the region. Therefore they wanted the architecture created there to play a role as a regional design icon.

On the first floor of this wooden two-story building are three stores run by the beautician husband, the café owner wife, and a few Web staff. They are arranged together in the smallest possible space. The second floor is the couple’s residence.

There was very little that could be done with the extremely low construction budget. We brought out elements of architectural design in the retaining wall material (formwork concrete block) that handles the height difference of about one meter from the front road, and in the structural wall (cross bracing) of the four corners of the building by using the wood frame conventional construction method, which then constitutes a dynamic space.

The big eaves on the west side act as an overhang for the front door and a cafe terrace in addition to mitigating the intensity of the late afternoon sun, which also accentuates the otherwise monolithic façade. (Kenshi MATSUMOTO)




all day 9:00 - 17:00