The Four Corners

  • Saga Prefecture / Completed in 2014
  • Private Housing / Wood Frame Conventional Construction Method / New Construction / One-Story Building
  • Total Floor Area 187.65 m²
  • One Married Couple + Two Children

A house with the theme of “living low and wide” on a 4,600 square feet site.

The client has had a certain amount of land before the plan, and the concept of a single-storied house with a horizontal movement line that excluded the vertical movement line, is where the idea of “living low and wide” started.

In order to “live widely”, the architectural volume itself was made compact while using benefit of the spacious site size, and we aimed at a space where you can “feel spacious” visually and physically.

As a result, we planned to place the LDK in the center of the site, surrounded by four private rooms, which are a master bedroom, a children’s room, a Japanese-style room, and kitchen/bathroom/toilet area. There is no corridor connecting the private rooms.

At the same time, this plan creates a number of spaces outside the building, and seven gardens and approaches form the exterior. At the design stage, we made several tentative proposals about the connection between the living room and the garden, for example by having the gardens be a various elevations.

Standing in the living room in the center of the completed building, the line of sight spreads across the site toward the four sides, making it a residence where you can feel the living space in its entirety. (Kenshi MATSUMOTO)




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